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Why Join SIOR?

SIOR membership isn’t just an impressive badge to wear; the worldwide network of real estate experts offers a host of benefits that will help you build your knowledge, grow your professional network, add to an already excellent level of development – and bolster the quantity and quality of business you win.

The benefits of being a SIOR


As a SIOR designate you are at the top of your profession. You have demonstrated an exceptional on-going commitment to your role and the industry as a whole. You are one of only 3,000 people who have achieved this accolade – you’ve proven that you’re the best of the best.

As a real estate professional, the prestige of the SIOR membership is second to none. Clients, colleagues and potential employers understand that you have earned the highest achievement in your field. The overwhelming majority of real estate professionals don’t carry the SIOR designation – so when you do, you’re in exclusive company.


A proven track record of professional and ethical work gives you an enormous head start when you sit across the table from potential clients. The SIOR designation doesn’t just show a proven track record though; it shows a track record that’s stood up to the most rigorous scrutiny possible, establishing your authority and credibility as greater than any other.

The SIOR designation offers the kind of instant recognition that will win you business.


If you want to stand out from a potentially crowded marketplace for the right reasons, being a SIOR is the accolade you need. SIOR membership highlights you or you firm as being up to the minute, credible, ethical and guaranteed to deliver; the kind of impression you could never hope to achieve through marketing alone.


When we network we share best practice, the latest knowledge, the most pertinent development resources and high quality educational strategies. Networking through SIOR is never about showing a winning hand, it’s about exceptional practitioners sharing a winning hand – and developing together to dominate our respective marketplaces.


Our digital world makes connection easy – but in a forest of mediocre connections, how can you build a network that truly delivers?

SIOR membership makes you part of the most powerful real estate professional network in the world. Specialised online platforms keep you connected with the rest of the 3,000 ‘best of the best’ SIOR professionals – and, as a result, you benefit from being a key part of a highly effective referral network.

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